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A win & a loss

As I was starting to write a bummed-out blog about not placing in the A.V. Club’s Parameter Short Film Contest, I realized that I never posted an official “We Won!!!!” blog about the Land of Lincoln Credit Union 21 Film Project! So before I wallow in sorrow (not really, trust me), let me first shout...

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Last week: Waiting impatiently

Here’s a quick rundown of what I did last week: Monday, Oct. 29th- Wednesday, Oct. 31st: Waited to see if I made it into the A.V. Club’s contest like a lonely kid waiting for a girl to return the “do you like me” slip of paper with the check boxes on it. Tuesday, Oct. 30th:...

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Extended diner scene

As always, I promise my lack of posts and updates is a sign that I’m hard at work to have new, fun things to share. If you’re not already following me on twitter, do it: @HughMSullivan. A lot of the stuff I used to save up and post here has turned into immediate tweets and...

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I’m in full-on multitasking mode right now. I’m still working on weddings, and I’m also in pre-production for no less than 4 short films. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately. Here’s a blooper from the first take of the first shot of my latest Batman-themed project: And here’s a really awesome time-lapse of the...

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Enhance it!- Part 3

It’s finally finished! I’ve been working on this little comedy for a while now, and am happy to share it with the world. Hopefully you get a few laughs. And, since people rarely read past the video, I’ll also add that my Doritos commercial has successfully been submitted to the contest website! I can’t embed...

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