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Last Week: Not a Dull Moment

Monday, Jan. 7th:  Not too much going on aside from my normal Monday routine. Tuesday, Jan. 8th: Shot basketball in Pana, where I had the saltiest popcorn in the world. One bite and I was instantly dehydrated and feeling ill. Probably shouldn’t have finished the bag… Wednesday, Jan. 9th: Filmed a fun story at the...

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My wife the musician

Sometimes you think you know what the future holds for you creatively, and then life tosses you another option entirely. Alida and I both enjoy  playing music. I take the piano and she normally takes the guitar. She played clarinet in high school, but there’s not much need for it when we’re playing around at...

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T w i t t e r
L i n k s
R e s o u r c e s