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Crashing the Super Bowl

I finally have my own video to enter into the Doritos contest! Of course I picked the windiest day of the year to shoot at the park, but we overcame the weather and ended up with some great footage. My video is a bit complex for a 30-second corn chip commercial, centering around time travel...

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I love Miracle Whip

I don’t love the taste, though, just the marketing. When was the last time a company said, “Hey, could you insult the crap out of our product for us in return for a shot at $25,000?” That’s what Miracle Whip is doing it in the form of a video contest. Take a look at their YouTube...

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How we met… and almost won a free wedding

The winter before we were married, Alida and I almost won a free wedding.

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Wonderful Pistachios contest

I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d waste no time entering some more contests. Although, I will admit I did procrastinate quite a bit.

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Joint Efforts

About three months ago, a local veterinarian, Dr. Larry Baker, approached me about a contest he was entering. This is the video I made for it!

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