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Last Month

Whoops. I’m really behind on this, but determined to keep up with it. Primarily this blog is meant to share my creative work, but I like having these weekly posts for a couple reasons. First, it gives me room to elaborate and talk about things that I have to keep really short on Facebook or...

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Ken reading erotica

If you’re into watching an angry journalist read a dirty book about S&M, good news- we have a new episode!   I also changed up the navigation again to add a special page for the “Ken Reads Erotica” series. I’m really excited, because since refreshing my YouTube channel, I discovered how nice it looked to...

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Last Week: Edible Swag and Eagles

I’m a little late on this, but I’m going to stick to the format and just do one week at a time. Monday, Dec. 17th: Found out that after the Christmas party the previous weekend, there was a shooting death across the street from a co-worker. At 2pm I filmed a press conference where they...

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Last Week: AV Flashback

I hate leaving days out, but Monday-Wednesday were pretty average days at the office, so I’ll just skip ahead to the fun parts. Thursday, Dec. 13th: Co-worker Annie Getsinger hid a comically long paper tapeworm in my box of Toblerone. Later, a friend mentioned the “100 Hour Film Race”¬†on Facebook. I was really bummed that...

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