Top 20 again!

I can’t believe I haven’t written anything since April. (Actually I have about 5 extremely long posts started, but I need to edit them down…)

We’ve done some pretty cool stuff since I last posted here, so I’ll just get with the updatin’.

For starters, I’ve put out a few more sketches, and hope to keep up with that. If I can consistantly crank out some short, funny sketches in between the films, I would consider that a personal victory.

Here are some you may have missed:

On top of that, we also had some success in another contest. Jim Vorel (co-worker and Ricky Junkyard of “Chupacabra Country”) is a craft beer enthusiast and found a contest that combined our two interests. It was called the “30 Seconds Over Chicago” Craft Beer Advertising Competition.

The first part of the contest was to choose one of 30+ breweries and pitch an ad to them. We pitched to Triptych Brewing in Savoy, and when they chose it, we won a free keg of their beer!

The next part of the contest was producing the ad, with the help of Dohorty’s Pub & Pins, who let us shoot in their bar. The ad was screened at the Double Door in Chicago, along with all the others. There was a cash prize for the top 3 ads, but we didn’t win anything there. I wasn’t expecting much, because instead of having the 3 judges choose the winners, it was an audience favorite vote. Which meant that the winner was whatever filmmaker could get the most friends into a bar on a Wednesday night in Chicago. It was still fun, so here’s the ad!

After all that, we finally got to work on this year’s entry to the Land of Lincoln 21 Film Project, “The Masked Loiterer.” The idea came from a small article written by Jim Vorel for the prop newspaper in “Operation: Call Drop.” It’s the top article on the right:

Production was a lot of fun, but it was also extremely stressful. This was by far the most ambitious project I’ve ever done, with more props, special locations, and costumes than I’ve ever needed before. I am very lucky to have friends that were willing to step up and help out, taking a ton of work off of my shoulders.

In the end we were able to get a big crowd out protesting in front of the Macon County Courthouse, shoot a “burning at the stake” scene, have a police foot-chase, and drive around in an old Cook County Sheriff’s vehicle.

I was really happy with the outcome of the film, so it’s nice to know it will be shown for a big crowd at the Decatur Civic Center on Friday, August 2nd! (More information here!)

I’ll find out later this week if I am nominated for any awards this year. After winning “Best Direction” and “Best Picture” last year, it would be great to come back and bring home another award.

I was asked to hold back the release of the film until the August 2nd screening, so until then, here’s a teaser trailer:

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