Last Week: Enter 2013!

Monday, Dec. 31st: Had a great time ringing in the new year with my beautiful wife and some great friends.

Tuesday, Jan. 1st: Started 2013 right with a Nerf fight with Alida. For Christmas, Alida’s parents got us each our own Nerf Retaliator:

Now I’m tempted to have them modded out. Some friends of ours own a business called War Paint Artisans, and one of their services involves making Nerf weapons look awesome. Check this out:

That’s the Nerf Maverick, and I also have that one, but it doesn’t look nearly as cool. Check out the War Paint Artisans website HERE!

Thursday, Jan. 3rd: Interviewed a couple that is raising quadruplets. The house was surprisingly quiet for having 4 six-month-old babies, a 2-year-old, and a huge cat.

Herald & Review Photo/Jim Bowling

I think the story and the video turned out nicely. Check them out HERE!

Saturday, Jan. 5th: Finally made it to the last episode of Supernatural on Netflix. Now we’re onto the season that’s still in production, and we’re almost caught up. After being able to watch several episodes in a row, it’s always depressing to catch up to a show and have to wait a week or more to see the next episode.

Saturday night we also confirmed that there are still critters in our attic. Something small enough to just barely squeak, but big enough to make some noise, was scratching at the ceiling above my office. I loaded up a trap and put it up through the crawlspace. Now it’s silent up there, of course. Someday, maybe I’ll know what it is, where it came from, and why it’s so elusive. Until then I just have to hope it’s not dying or crapping in my insulation.

Sunday, Jan. 6th: I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted to this on my blog, but I play Dungeons & Dragons. Well, Pathfinder, which is a different version but practically the same thing.  It’s a lot of fun and we don’t take it too seriously, so I’m not ashamed. Here’s an awesome drawing of my barely-not-evil Elf Sorcerer, Effendim Gaf, drawn by the very talented Sean Thornton. (Click the photo to see a full-body shot [you know you want to])

Sure I could just play video games, but I’ve yet to see a video game that will let me drop a deuce behind an enemy campsite out of spite. And that is something I did, and the person running the game had to think on his feet to figure out how we would execute such a stealthy, smelly challenge.

Anyway, I mention that because Sunday was the day our original group finally got together to continue our story after a long break. Speaking of getting together with people you haven’t seen in a while, after our little adventure I made my way to hang out with the folks from Troupe Dynamic. Most of them I see on a regular basis, but it’s always nice to get together as a big group.

On the way out, Jayson Albright, the creator of the group, gave us all a souvenir- a bottle of Instant Accent Pills from a sketch they did before I was even a member of the group. It’s nice to have a tangible piece of the group to put up on the shelf with the rest of my props and movie paraphernalia.

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