Doritos 2012

Although it would have been nice to win $25,000 and have an ad air during the Super Bowl, I wasn’t on the edge of my seat waiting for the results of the contest. I was confident enough in our entries, but being 2 out of about 3,000 is pretty tough odds.

Still, I didn’t lose hope. I discovered a pretty neat website that talked about budgets for many of the finalists. Some spent thousands to produce their winning commercials, but some barely spent anything at all. You might remember this one from 2012:

This guy spent $20, won $25,000 for being a finalist, and went on to win the extra $1,000,000 from the USA Today Ad-Meter.┬áCheck out this post from for more info on budgets, and some pretty neat behind-the-scenes videos. (If you make movies, bookmark this site, because it’s full of awesome info.)

So really, the production value and budget doesn’t matter very much if you have a great idea, and I thought ours were pretty solid. The only thing I would change is my pacing. I still have some work to do when it comes to fitting a funny short story into 30 seconds.

As far as content goes, every year it’s apparent what the judges were looking for, and I try to keep that in mind while still being original and staying true to my own sense of humor. This year each finalist had eat least one cute kid, animal, or groin-shot. Instead of going the cute kid and animal route, we went the way of adultery and eating old cat hair.

Check out the VCN’s reviews of the finalists here! I was going to write something up, but this is way more in-depth than I was planning to go. I think it’s funny that the ad I liked the most turned out to be a slight ripoff of a 2012 finalist video.

So here are our 2 entries for this year’s contest. No dice yet, but’s only my second year entering. I guess I’ll just have to keep making movies and learning until I win, and that’s fine with me.


Bridget - January 7, 2013 - 7:29 pm

Dunno what the judges were smoking but you guys should have won. These were so damn funny that I just kept watching them over and over. You’ll hit it big someday, I know it. Just don’t forget us when you’re famous. :)

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