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Last Month

Whoops. I’m really behind on this, but determined to keep up with it. Primarily this blog is meant to share my creative work, but I like having these weekly posts for a couple reasons. First, it gives me room to elaborate and talk about things that I have to keep really short on Facebook or...

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Last Week: Alida’s Birthday & More

Monday, Jan. 21st: DRAT! Ok, for anybody unfamiliar with the workings of a camera, here’s a quick lesson so you understand my problem. There are basically 3 ways to expose your digital “film.” The first 2 involve letting light into the camera. Aperture is size of the the iris that opens up and allows a controlled...

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Last Week: Plays, Presentations, & Piano

Monday, Jan. 14th: Nothing to report, just another Monday at the office. Tuesday, Jan. 15th: Filmed an exciting basketball game between our 2 city teams: Eisenhower and MacArthur. No matter who is having a better season, when they play each other it always comes down to the wire, and this was no different. Video HERE!...

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Last Week: Not a Dull Moment

Monday, Jan. 7th:  Not too much going on aside from my normal Monday routine. Tuesday, Jan. 8th: Shot basketball in Pana, where I had the saltiest popcorn in the world. One bite and I was instantly dehydrated and feeling ill. Probably shouldn’t have finished the bag… Wednesday, Jan. 9th: Filmed a fun story at the...

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Last Week: Enter 2013!

Monday, Dec. 31st: Had a great time ringing in the new year with my beautiful wife and some great friends. Tuesday, Jan. 1st: Started 2013 right with a Nerf fight with Alida. For Christmas, Alida’s parents got us each our own Nerf Retaliator: Now I’m tempted to have them modded out. Some friends of ours own...

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